LuckTogether adds a new mining pool, LUCK staking will soon be online

According to LuckTogether official news, LuckTogether will officially launch LUCK staking function at 20:08, 29th April(SGT), users only need to stake LUCK to get LUCK+USDT rewards. It is reported that the APY of the initial mine in LUCK staking will be up to about 500%, far exceeding the current other types of mining projects, and the earlier the user participates in, the higher the return.

During the development process of more than one month online, LuckTogether has continuously enriched new features, improved user experience and introduced various mechanisms. Previously, a community fund was also officially established to prepare for LuckTogether’s community governance. According to the current plan, LuckTogether community fund will be mainly used for LUCK staking rewards, community buybacks for occasional coin burning, and charitable donations. In the future, LuckTogether will further enrich the product experience and improve the value of LUCK, so that all users can truly enjoy the dividends of LUCK’s development.

About LuckTogether

The first no-loss lucky draw mining protocol on Heco chain. Users only need to deposit the corresponding token in any prize pool to have a chance to win a big prize and at the same time obtain mining revenue. LuckTogether is based on a safe, non-destructive, and fair design concept to ensure that every participant can gain returns. The most importantly, user’s principal will have no loss!

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